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Comprehensive Eye Exams

In the province of Alberta, it is recommended to schedule an eye examination every two years for adults between 19-64 years old, and once every year for seniors, 65 years and older. Your vision and ocular health are our priority and a comprehensive exam is the best way to ensure optimal vision and screening for any underlying diseases.


Children's Eye Examination

The visual and binocular systems of our little ones are incomplete at birth and require the correct stimulus in the external environment post-natal. It is recommended to have your child’s first eye examination at 6 months old and at least every year after that. The visual experience one has as an infant and in childhood determines the visual skills and ultimately the quality of life they will have in adulthood.


Emergency Eye Examination

Ocular accidents, infections, and visual anomalies can happen with no warning and urgent care is required. Your optometrist has the instrumentation and training to diagnose and treat the ocular condition promptly and if necessary refer to a specialist.


Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lenses are medical devices and require the expertise of an optometrist to properly fit and train the patient seeking to wear contact lenses as an additional option for vision correction. One size does not fit all when it comes to the prescription, shape of the eye, and brands.


Refractive Surgery Consultation & Cataract Co-Management

Eye surgery, whether elective or medically necessary, provides a level of freedom for many patients seeking to enhance their quality of life. Not every individual is a candidate for the same surgical procedure or lens implant option. We will work with you to determine what is right for you and your needs, and take care of you on the back end post-surgery.


Occupational Vision Exams for Safety Eyewear

Certain occupations and careers require specific vision requirements and safety eyewear to reduce workplace eye injuries and ensure your vision allows you to do your job effectively and efficiently. Trifecta Optometry is an Eyesafe(TM) partner bringing you the best in safety standards and safety eyewear.



Since the advent of COVID, Trifecta Optometry has implemented telemedicine/telehealth services for certain ocular conditions as not all scenarios are appropriate for these virtual calls. At times, this can improve time efficiency and resources where the optometrist can effectively check in on progress, educate, and provide further recommendations. These visits are Alberta Health Care covered as a medical visit. 

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