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Noun [C] US; /, tri’fekta/

1. A bet in which the first, second, and third-place winners are picked in the correct order

2. The situation of having three major achievements in a profession, sport, or other pastimes

Trifecta Optometry was created with you and your family in mind. We believe that strong communities are built on strong family units spanning generations. We may be biased, but vision is the most important special sense that greatly contributes to your quality of life, and our team at Trifecta Optometry is privileged to serve you every step of the way. Do not let the newness of our clinic deceive you. Our doctors and team have a combined depth of experience that exceeds decades and we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of research, technology, and fashion.

A modified definition of the trifecta is when an individual, a team, or an organization masters three different skills to the point that it takes them to victory. This theme of 3’s stemmed from the initial focus on the underserved Specialty Services we wanted to pursue excellence in – Dry Eye Disease, Myopia Management, and Specialty Contact Lenses. To our surprise, this served a transcending purpose in that as a full service and dispensing clinic, everything else also came in 3’s – our 3 principle core values, serving 3 generations, 3 primary eye care services, and 3 eye care product categories.

Building relationships and trust with our patients and customers is at the forefront of every encounter and we strive to provide a lasting and memorable impression because of your experience with us at Trifecta Optometry.



Our Vision

Enriching the holistic quality of life of our community by establishing a culture of mutual respect and trust, empowerment and ownership for all eye care needs of our patients and team across a lifetime spanning generations.


Our Mission

We operate on a covenant to inspire hope to elevate patient-centred, quality care by advocating for and supporting every patient and member of the community through curated services and products and staying at the forefront of technological advancements in optometry.


Our Core Values

Quality | Encompassing Standard

  • From moment the patient enters our doors, we strive to provide excellence in the quality of our care, services, and products.

Relationships | Human Touch

  • Our patients and team members are not just a number and each interaction is not just a transaction - we believe in the human touch. We believe in treating every patient as if they are own family. We believe in compassion, kindness and understanding the personal goals and expectations of all of our patients.

Innovation | Novelty

  • Stagnation and complacency is a disservice to our patients, community, and team. We continuously strive to practice optometry to it's fullest scope and incorporate novelty advancements to better serve the needs of our patients and our community.


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